Trick of the Day : How to resolve « Unreferenced formal parameter » warning ? 1

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If you compile your project in Warning Level 4 /W4 (Project > Properties > C/C++ > General > Warning Level : Level4 (/W4) in Visual Studio), you have probably seen this warning :

Warning 2 warning C4100: ‘var’ : unreferenced formal parameter

You think your code hasn’t error (like unused stack variable for example), and you don’t know why this warning is here ? It might be some unused function parameters.

Example :

void callAWarning(int a)
    //some stuff without a variable

And when you compile :
Warning 2 warning C4100: 'a' : unreferenced formal parameter

Now how to resolve this warning ?
Simply by using the macro UNREFERENCED_PARAMETER().

void callAWarning(int a)
    //some stuff without a variable

PS: If you have the error : « Error 2 error C3861: ‘UNREFERENCED_PARAMETER’: identifier not found« , just add this #define into your project :

#define UNREFERENCED_PARAMETER( P )       (void)(P)

PS2 : The default warning level in Visual Studio is Warning Level 3, but I recommend you to use Warning Level 4 for your projects, because it’s the more strict compilation level and allow you to track any mistakes, as MSDN says :

For a new project, it may be best to use /W4 in all compilations. This will ensure the fewest possible hard-to-find code defects.

Source : MSDN | DELL

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